Who is Jack Bauer?

Bauer graduated with a bachelor's degree in English literature from UCLA, and a master's degree in criminology and law from UC Berkeley.

After finishing university, he worked as a Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team member, and in the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force. Apparently, Bauer also did fieldwork for the Central Intelligence Agency before being seconded to the Counter Terrorist Unit.

Bauer held the position of Special Agent in Charge of CTU Los Angeles during the attempted assassination of Senator David Palmer. During that day, Bauer's wife Teri and his daughter Kim were kidnapped by Victor Drazen, a man Bauer thought he had killed in a covert mission called Operation Nightfall in Kosovo two years earlier. Bauer's colleague/former love interest Nina Myers (who turned out to be a traitor) killed Teri Bauer before being arrested. Jack was so distraught over Teri's death that he resigned as CTU Special Agent in Charge and became an inactive CTU agent.

Eighteen months later, Bauer was called back to duty by President Palmer to help CTU stop a terrorist group known as Second Wave from detonating a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. After the incidents depicted in Season 2, Jack was appointed Director of Field Operations by new CTU Los Angeles Special Agent in Charge Tony Almeida.

However, Tony was removed from CTU three years later after committing an act of treason to save his wife's life, and Jack was forced to leave the institution and became employed by the Department of Defense. Bauer became involved with the daughter of the Secretary of Defense, Audrey Raines, and it was apparently a serious relationship. However, after Jack was called back to CTU in Season 4 to help them stop a series of attacks against the United States masterminded by a terrorist named Habib Marwan, Audrey decided that she could not handle Jack's life when he was working for CTU, and the two of them separated.


Random Jack Bauer Facts by chauzer; created December 5, 2005